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A Minnesota native, Jayme developed a passion for interior design from her parents, who started their own painting business in the 1970s. She was fascinated with color and rearranging rooms all while understanding the different feelings her designs would provoke. To this day, there’s nothing she loves more than hands-on creative work and brainstorming how to push boundaries with unique, bold color choices.

She completed her design degree from the Art Institute International Minneapolis by age 22 and began working in residential design in 2006. For 11 years, she worked for a premier design firm in Minneapolis, during which time she developed a passion for repurposing furniture, new construction possibilities, styling and overall great design.

In 2017, Jayme began using the entrepreneurial gene she inherited from her parents and started Jayme Meyer Interiors, through which she plans to continue pushing boundaries until her color dries out.

Jayme has an extensive portfolio that includes 500-plus projects in Minnesota, as well as dozens outside of the state and one outside of the country. Her success is based mostly on referrals from her satisfied clients.

Emily George


Emily knows that design is a way of expressing who we are, where we come from and what we love. Her goal is to take her clients’ story and interpret it into a design that fits their lifestyle. With a background in high-end retail, she comes to the table with great knowledge on custom furniture, textiles and finishing a space down to the final touches.

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