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Special Occasion Services in the Twin Cities

Nothing adds to a special event like having the perfect decor to create the ambience that reflects how you feel about the occasion. At Jayme Meyer Interiors, our skilled designers are passionate about decorating your home for any event, whether it’s adding seasonal decorations or going all out for a bon voyage party for a cherished friend.

We’ll help create a beautiful backdrop for the memories you’ll make during your special event.

Decorating Services We Provide...

It’s no secret — planning a party or hosting family for a holiday can be very stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. At Jayme Meyer Interiors, we work closely with you to create your ideal ambiance for your special event.
From simple and understated to elegant and elaborate, we at Jayme Meyer Interiors will use decor and designs crafted specifically for you. Our keen eye for design will ensure accessories reflect the spirit of the occasion, while also presenting a cohesive design that everyone will want to post on Instagram.
We will use accessories you already have and treasure and then add to your collection in order to create the ambiance you desire and deserve. 
Jayme Meyer Interiors will handle every aspect of the design process for you, from reorganizing a space to arranging the decor from floor to ceiling. We love setting up your home to look fabulous for your events but even more so, we love taking the stress off of you of taking it all back down and getting you back to a normal house when you are ready. 

Our Special Occasion Services

At Jayme Meyer Interiors, we provide a variety of design services to meet your needs, no matter the occasion! Along with providing a full line of decor options—lighting, ornaments, arrangements, etc.—we’ll handle the setup and tear down of the event.

  • Set-Up Service | The experts at Jayme Meyer Interiors will meet with you to better understand your vision for your event. Whether it’s an elaborate Christmas display or subtle decor for spring, we’ll do all the heavy lifting, literally. We’ll be the ones up on the ladders stringing lights or putting up your tree. We will handle all the setup, purposefully placing every single item to create a cohesive, unique and memorable decor for any occasion.
  • Take-Down Service | The only bad part of an unforgettable event is the clean up. Our team at Jayme Meyer Interiors will come take down and pack up everything we meticulously placed ahead of the special occasion. We’ll climb up on the ladder to take down garland after the holidays or carefully pack up the ornaments from your tree. We will handle everything in order to get your house back in order following your memorable event.
  • Decor Arrangement | Our team of expert designers will work with you on the decor — selecting everything from tablecloths to decorations — to create your desired ambiance. We’ll also arrange all furnishings to be suitable for your event, allowing your guests to easily move from one room to the next. We’ll do this by helping plan the location of the bar, placement of tables, etc., and determine if any items in your home need to be moved or removed for the event. With our decorating services, we will ensure your home is memorable, yet functional, for your guests.
  • Purchase of New Decor, as Needed | Our team of designers will do our best to use the items you already own to make a lasting impression on your guests. Sometimes our clients don’t have everything we need to create their desired ambience for the event, at which point we will purchase new decor to complete the cohesive design.

Let Us Take Care of Your Next Special Occasion

If you’re looking to turn your unique decorating needs into reality, look no further than Jayme Meyer Interiors. Our designers are passionate about collaborating with you to decorate for the special event of your dreams, whether it’s subtle seasonal decorations or an elaborate anniversary party — we can’t wait to bring your event to life.

Contact us today to schedule your two-hour, $350 consultation by by calling 612-400-2261, or you can message us on our contact page.

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