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If you’re like us, you’ve scrolled through Instagram or flipped through magazines and have been amazed by the interior of the homes that are featured.

Your home can look like that too! Whether you are preparing for a large dinner party of 20 guests, decking the halls for the holidays or simply desire that finished look for your everyday pleasure, our team at Jayme Meyer Interiors will make sure your home is ready.

Why Choose Home Styling With Jayme Meyer?

It can be difficult to make a space look impressive without the finishing pieces is an understatement.  Styling is everything.  It's where we hope to use your really special pieces and coordinate them with new items to make each room cozy and finished. 

A stack of old books or a vase filled with seasonal flowers makes a room shine. Our skilled design team will passionately transfrom your spaces into completed rooms that will look as amazing as the homes you’ve gushed over on Instagram or in magazines.
If we've already worked with you for the past year we will know your style well and complete the styling easily to your taste.  But if you are a new client, we will first walk your space with you so we can layer the accessories in to reflect your unique style.  Then we will bring in the specific accessories such as pillows, throw blankets, art, plants, small furnishings, area rugs and tchotchkes.

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In an upcoming photo shoot or if you are preparing for a large party, our expert interior designers will make sure your space is photo ready, no matter the occasion.

For more information about our services or to schedule a two-hour consultation, contact us today 612-400-2261, or you can get in touch through our contact page!

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